Pricing & Payment Methods

We offer some of the most competitive pricing available. Our professional staff are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality at the lowest pricing around. We have been servicing the industry for over 25 years with reliable and outstanding service.

Standard Rates for Editing:

  • Free estimates and quantity discounts apply.
  • In determining the number of pages of your document, we use the formula of 300 words = 1 page.
  • If your work requires significant re-write, we will contact you to negotiate rates before proceeding further.

Standard Rates for Transcription (English Only):

  • Please contact us

Wire Transfers

We accept international wire transfers. The cost for sending the amount through the wire is born by the customer. We do not charge a processing fee for this.

Customers outside of the United States should know that electronic account to account transfers are called wire or ACH transfers in the USA and require our Swift Code and bank account numbers. This method differs somewhat from use of BIC and IBAN numbers and entails a different cost for sending. Details for the option of paying by wire transfer will be provided on your invoice should you prefer this method.


PayPal accounts for the sender are free and entails only a fee for the transfer of money, which will be added to the billing (typically 6% of the amount transferred)

You will need to open an account with PayPal which also entails linking your bank account to PayPal. Money is sent to the recipient's PayPal account by giving the recipient's email address. Euros are accepted as well as dollars.

Western Union

Please contact us for this option.

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